Join our Online Community and Exercise with ease from wherever you are!

What is the Grind?

This is our Online Training Platform designed to reach our clients across the globe. All You have to do is give it 100% and follow the guidelines given which come in the form of exercise videos, written exercise instructions and food guidelines. Please see program options and choose a suitable program. Your subscription starts as soon as your payment has been made. You will be able to access your training program from your phone, laptop or whatever device you may have as long as you have internet access.

Please click here to join our Facebook community for motivation, inspiration, bonus tips and to share ideas with others. The objective is to create a community which encourages, inspires and motivates each other as You All strive for the similar goals.

These programs suits all, from the hectic mum to the busy Corporate. The exercises put together here can be done daily in the comfort of your home, office, hotel room or even in a gym at a time that suits you. The programs are mostly own bodyweight based but added resistance is required and this can be in the form of kettlebells, dumbbells or items found in your home that provide the weight, resistance required. Depending on pace or fitness level workouts can be completed anywhere between 30 minutes to 40 minutes. You can Sign up as an Individual or encourage your friends to join alongside you.